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Security Terms

The company focuses on producing quality products. Realize the responsibility to employees stakeholders society and environment By bringing the quality management system environmental management system Occupational health and safety management system as part of business operations take seriously and develop continuously.

Privacy Policy

The company would like to inform its users that all text, images, sounds, content, all components of the website. Including but not limited to trademarks Service marks, trade names, patents, novelties, etc., appear on this company's website. It is protected by intellectual property laws. The law of the company. Sole
If a person reprojects, impersonates, republishes, modifies, releases to the public, sells, rents, or engages in any manner that is exploitable. Trade or Wrongful No matter what the above intellectual property. Without the permission of the company. The Company will immediately take legal action against the infringer. The Company reserves the right to amend, revise and change this legal text at any time. As the company deems appropriate Without notice.


The company has produced and developed new products to increase customer satisfaction. under on-time delivery and excellent service and continually improve the production process control system to maintain product quality standards. and comply with the law Other quality, environmental, occupational health and safety requirements that are related to the Company's business operations strictly and improve and prevent hazards from the working environment, fire and occupational hazards at an acceptable risk (3B) and above, and use resources and energy in the most efficient way. protect the environment by preventing pollution of water, air, waste and other pollution arising from various activities of the Company to have the least impact on the environment and community.